Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well that past couple of weeks have been busy!!! I went to Arizona and saw my beautiful amazing cousin, Leah Krogh, and my awesome amazing grandma and a bunch of cousins that I dont always get to see so that was so fun!!!
The week was EXHAUSTING. Two matches a day, plus we were there with the men's team, so we watched them play as well. Here was my schedule.

6:15 wake up
Tennis warm up
Tennis match
Warm up again
Watch Boys Play
Start it again the next day.

We did this for 5 days, but it was SO fun, and we won all of our matches!!

Right to left
Jia (China) Sophie(Canada) Marietta (New Zealand) Me! Annie (China) Sasha (Slovakia) Tanja (Germany) and Sheri (China)

The next week was full of catching up on homework and blah blah blah that good ole stuff. hahaha

But the coolest thing ever!!! I Saw Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson, who are just absolute incredible musicians. They blew my mind. They are people who just have raw talent. Its obvious they have put years and dedicated hours into practice, but their talent, is jaw dropping.

Here is two of the songs they played for us, the first I wanted to share with you is perfect because I live in paradise =) haha So if you have heard Paradise by Coldplay, it is an African twist on that song!

This one is just really cool.

Music is amazing. It is the one thing that doesnt need a language. Why words are so powerful in this world; raw, lyricless music can touch people from every part of the world. I sat in the Gym, where they were performing with a school that is filled with students from more than seventy different countries. I sat with students from Fiji beside me, students from Asia in front of me, Students from Australia to my right, and any country, you name it, filled the rest of the auditorium. And you know what was so cool? Everyone was touched differently, but in the same way. While these songs are just modern day songs that are on the radio, the melody, and the talent, did not need a language to fill the hearts of the people around us. Sometimes the best language is no language, but rather just a feeling of love, friendship, and inspiration to be better at whatever it is you do. To be better as a person, as an athlete ,as a musician, as a daughter, a mother, a father, a son, a roomate, a colleague, an employer,  as a student, and just as a child of God. Inspiration comes in many ways, and music, for me, cultivates it.

Here is one last one that inspires me, and hopefully it does you too!

This is just Steven Sharp Nelson, but he is so talented, and this is his twist on the original.


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