Monday, November 29, 2010

HOLLA days.

soo this was my first birthday and first thanksgiving away from home- I was a bit sad to say the least. The other day I was skyping with my mom, and she said hey, do you wanna see the lake and the trees behing our house? Of course I wanted too! And then unsuspectingly, she turned the camera and as soon as I saw the leaves, I started crying. hahaha That is embarrasing Huh? I just didnt realize that seasons were actually going on around the world and I am in this tropical bubble. It took me off guard to say the least.

Welll on my 20th birthday, I know what?? 20?? when did I become so Old? but anyways, We just went surfing, ate a ton because it was Thanksgiving, and made a delicious meal and Laurens house. We learned quickly though, that it takes longer than an hour to create a feast with one oven. But my green bean caserole and peach cobbler were delicous =)

This weekend, We stayed, 12 girls in a hotel room in Honolulu, and walked the strip and what not. That night was eventful to say the least. hahah

Me and my room mate just decorated our rom for christmas!!! So excited- 18 days til I am Home!!!!!

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  1. 10 things I LOVE about Kay Kay:
    1. She is always smiling. ALWAYS ALWAYS People can't help but smile too when they are with her.
    2. Amazing testimony. One that isn't shook easily.
    3. good cook? Who knew? I'm proud she's carring on with the green bean caserole.
    4. Can knock the shell off of a tennis ball like The Natural. (It's a movie, K.)
    5. Loves everyone.
    6. Cares about others feelings before her own.
    7. Can play the guitar. Something I've always wanted to be able to do, and haven't.
    8. Lives in Hawaii.
    9. Loves her family (especially her aunt)
    10. I like her bangs.

    Love you KK! Hope you had a great B-day!!