Friday, March 30, 2012

Well the past couple of weeks have probably been some of the best couple of weeks in my life. I feel unbelievably blessed and outrageously lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

I have been blessed to live in three amazing places in my life. I grew up in, what I consider, the most amazing-comforting-loving place- Marietta, Georgia, I lived in Provo, Utah- where I met some of the most incredible people in the world and learned to live in the beautiful white snow surrounded by beautiful white tipped mountains. And I now live on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by white tipped waves. I am incredibly lucky.

Haleigh Hodges has been my best friend in all three of these amazing places, and I finally got to share one of my homes with her, and it happens to be this amazing tropical island. We had such a great time! We went to the beach, where she didnt wear sunscreen, haha, went to Kahuku Grill, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, went snorkeling and swimming with a Sea Turtle, went to the Temple, and just did all the good stuff. It was so fun to be with friends that I have only known for two years, and say yeah, I have known her since I was a baby. It was such a sense of home having her here, and Im so glad I got to share it with her!

As if having Haleigh was not amazing enough, I was lucky enough to have Christopher come and visit me here in Laie, Hawaii too!!
So count that ladies and gentlemen, two visitors, in two weeks!! It was AWESOME!!! So now, I am personally inviting whoever would like to come visit me in hawaii now. haha I love visitors!!

OK well Christopher arrived in Hawaii on Thursday and left on Sunday. It was so fun introducing him to all of my friends and getting the chance to show off the mystery guy that everyone had heard so much about. We had such a fun time!! We went to my favorite beach called Keikis, to the place Pirates of the Carribean was filmed, Kahuku Grill- everyone must go there!, Some old Ww2 Bunkers, Turtle Bay- and to foodland. hahah foodland was definitely the most frequented spot during our trip haha.

Well, I always like to end my blog with some kinda thought. I dont know who really reads this and who doesnt, but I usually just try and think about something that has been on my mind lately and just try to write it out in words, and that way, it really helps me.

But despite my amazing two weeks, we all know that life has road blocks. There are times when everything in our life could not possibly get any better, and there are times, when it feels like everything is crashing at one moment. Sometimes people around us are going through really really difficult times,  And then sometimes, we are those people, and we wish that they would recognize us. Road blocks come out of nowhere, and they can deaden our stride and make us feel weak, helpless, angry, frustrated, you name it. Everyone feels these things, the hard part, that not everyone can do, is letting go of these feelings. The truth is, is road blocks happen for a reason. They happen so that people can come together, lean on each other for support and learn to love each other. God wants us to support each other, he wants us to help each other when we are need. He atoned for our sins and allows us to lean on Him. Help to others is the best love we can give. Whether you are facing a road block yourself, or you know someone facing one, the best medicine for your own problem and anothers, is by helping someone else.

This video is so inspiring, It can not be easy for someone to go through something like she is, but she does it with such graceals, optimism, and service. She is an inspiration to me, and in my SMALL trials and road blocks that I go through, I hope that I can with even a small amount of the grace, service, and love that she shows.



  2. hahah hes coming back, next monday! free flights baby!!