Monday, October 11, 2010

A lot of Firsts!! =)

Okay! I am excited! This is my first blog, my first blog post, and my first time in Hawaii! I saw that a lot people have blogs and they seemed so fun! So I decided to make one so that my family and all my mainland friends could keep up with me and so that I could keep up with them! I am new to this, so if any of y'all have any suggestions let me know! alright, well... let the blogging begin! =)

1.) Hawaii is fantastic. Everyone here is so friendly. The town I live in is tiny. There is one shopping center, and that shopping center consists of a foodland, ice cream shop, taco bell, and subway. No one really has cars, so if we want to go into town, we hitch hike or take the bus.
2.) The beach is a two minute walk from my dorm, but I have friends that live directly on the ocean! It is really cool being able to go to the ocean everyday!

3.) Every weekend we have done something extreme outside! It is so much fun. Last weekend, we went cliff jumping into the ocean at a place called waimea beach! This past weekend we hiked something called stairway to heaven- we hiked it at two a.m. and it took us almost three hours to get to the top! 4,000 stairs. But we saw the most amazing sunrise ever! This was probably the coolest thing I have ever done.

5.) The tennis is so much fun! I love my team so much, we work really really hard. I love my coaches and almost every sunday we get together and cook together! This past sunday I made my first peach cobbler! It was a success.
6.) I painted my bike. It is beautiful. haha

7.) Even though I am in Paradise, and have made some incredible friends, I still miss my incredible family. I miss going to nannys on sundays and going to get my nails done with my meme! My family is fantastic. I love my family!

ok! It is official! I have now completed my first blog entry! Hopefully, I can keep this up, and not slack. I tend to slack at these kind of things, but this is kinda fun! We will see! Okay!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Kaylyn! HI is amazing. I wish we had lived there longer.

  2. kk!!! I'm SO proud! Love the blog! I'm about a month behind on my blog, but it's ok. Just post a little something here and there. And it doesn't have to have pictures on every post.

    Stairway to heaven looks AWESOME!!! If we ever come out there, that is what I want to do.