Monday, February 6, 2012


So the past two weeks have develope into an incredible story, and I am so excited that I have a blog so that I can share this amazing story with whoever reads this!

Last week, my mom went to the pound and became the owner of two beautiful, healthy, puppies.
The first couple days were days of excitement and happiness as they shared the joy of being owners ot two new puppies, and now owning four dogs! The naming process was a difficult one. For days these puppies did not have names! In my family, a name is really important, that is obvious, if you know my other two dogs names which are kimmi and chad. hahahha see, we are really creative in the naming business. haha. But regardless, it takes a long time to get a name, finally the black one was named Gibson. But for some reason the white dog just couldnt get a name.

However, the naming process had to become quick a day later, when he became extremely sick. My mom took him to the vet, and called him Murphy, after Dale Murphy, at the vet and that became his name. The vet said that Murphy had a virus, and that normally, when puppies get this virus, they dont live. The vet gave my mom some medicine and some ideas to help Murphy as much as possible, but the kicker was that this virus was contagious. Immediately, panic hit as we have three more dogs at home.

Gibson, the other puppy, had as well been infected with this virus. As my mom took both of them to  the vet, she learned that the virus lasted 4-7 days and that Gibson had a
5 percent chance to live even through the night, much less live through the virus. He told her they both would be good candidates to put down. Refusing to give in so easily, she decided to give these puppies their best chance.

My mom learned that if she fed them pedialyte every hour with a sirenge, they would have a better chance of survival. So, therefore, my caring and loving mom fed them every hour even throughout the night. She would wake up and feed them with this sirenge. These puppies and my mom created a relationship that could not be hindered.

Gibson and Murphy began to rely on my mom for their complete survival. They had no hope, a five percent chance of living, and my mom was saving them.

Day by Day went by as I received texts informing me of the following,

"They survived night, Murphy seems better but gibbi stil very sick. Im giving him fluids every 39 minutes."

"Murphy seems beter. Gibbs is sick..he throws up everytime i feed him pedialite...sad...i hope he makes it through the night"

"Gibbi made it through the night!!!! He is up walking around and kept a little pediaite down. Murphy is doing good"

"Gibbs still seems weak, but I am hopeful!!!!"

"Gibson drank water all by himself!!"

So my mom kept me updated day by day, until they both made it though the 4-7 days.
My mom never lost hope, she never gave up, and neither did the puppies. They survived a death sentence.

I thought a lot about this story this past week and it is such an example of love, faith, and a perfect brightness of hope. A five percent chance of life, is not very much, but it was enough to give my mom hope. Her hope and dedication was transferred into the puppies, and their strength was able to be mustered up as she continued to care for them. She had a perfect brightness of hope, enough faith, and showed her unlimited love in taking care of them to become the one person to save their lives. Without her, those puppies would not have made it. Ive learned so much from her example and through her dedication, I have strengthened my knowledge that through dedication, love, faith, and a perfect brightness of hope, amazing things can come to pass. She is a solid example of that.

Three Cheers for Mom!!

With the example of my wonderful mom, the example these puppies are is also inspring. They were not supposed to live, but the strength they had, gives me courage that no matter what trial im going through, I will be able to have a little more strength because of their inspiring example.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

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  1. oh goodness, you know how much i love this!!! I LOVE YOUR MOM! she's the best!!!