Sunday, January 16, 2011

Summer Days! - oh wait, its January!?

Hey everyone! Well, this week has officially been the longest week ever! School in Hawaii is pretty hard. I dont mean scholastically hard, I mean its hard to focus when you live in paradise! Last weekend and this weekend has been probably two of the funnest weekends I have had here. But, I say that about every weekend here in Hawaii. Last weekend, we hitch hiked to Waimea, and played in HUGE waves, then we bussed it to Haliewa, which is this little surf shop town. Its a really cute town and they have some really fun stores and stuff there! So after that, we hitch hiked back to Kahuku Grill, and ate the BEST cheese burger ever, and then to finish the night, we went to our basketball game, where we killed! and then we went to a party! It was fun, because Sunday was my friend Lauren's birthday and we cooked breakfast for dinner at her house! Yay for her finally being 19! haha

This week was tough! It was tough going to school every day and practices were tough as well. It rained a lot so we had to run instead of hit, which I just LOVE, haha sike. But it actually was fun cause when it rains a lot of times we just hit in the basketball gym, which is kinda fun haha. But the basketball games were fun, we would just entertain our time by putting wrappers in peoples hair and laughing because they wouldnt know it was there =), oh what? I am in college? I am supposed to be mature? haha oh well.

This weekend was SO FUN. I had practice at seven in the morning, and tomorrow, at seven in the morning, I will have practice again. Haha, the joys of college sports =) but on Saturday, We went to temple beach and just laid out and played in the ocean and had so much fun. Me and Lexi beat our paddle ball record of 400. We got 427. It was so glorious. Haha, and then that night, we decided to all die a colored streak in our hair! So we did that, and I know have a fusia streak in the back of my hair! After that, we went to a fun bon fire! We played a bunch of games, and just told riddles to each other. haha, were kinda cool, actually.

So here are some pictures!


I feel so blessed to be here in Hawaii. I have made some AWESOME awesome friends! I know that things are not coincidence. I feel that there is a reason for my being here and reason that we come in contact with the people we do. My biggest fear is that I will wake up one day, and forget that I live in Hawaii and take it for grantid. I pray and hope that that will never happen, I am eternally gratetful and never want to forget the sacrifices I have made, the sacrifices my family has made to help me have my dream of coming here come true. I LOVE IT HERE!


  1. So proud of you, kiddo! Sounds like you're having an AWFUL time! =P

  2. I'm glad we each have a blog. I think you're my only faithfull follower. At least we are keeping each other informed of our amazing lives!!! haha