Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Introducing Winston

Christopher and I took a little trip to the pound last weekend just to look around and play with some cute puppies.

However, we saw the CUTEST little black retriever. We got him out and played with him, and that was it, i had fallen in love all over again! We took him to the front to adopt him, but he was a stray, and we had to wait a week to see if his owners would come looking for him.Well after a long week of checking the pounds website, and calling, we finally got to adopt him on Friday, May 17th!! We prepared our house for puppy land! We got a bed for him, toys, food, and made sure our backyard's fence was solid, and that he wouldnt get out!

He LOVED our backyard, he ran around like a crazy person!!
He chased all the chickmunks, birds, and every living animal he saw.
A day later, winston started getting sick :( He was coughing and throwing up and shivering. He wouldnt touch his food, or water, and I got really really scared!
We took him to the pound, and he has Kennel Cough. He is feeling better now, and im so glad!!!

Owning Winston has been such an adventure already for me and Christopher. It is so fun to come home from work or school and have this little guy so excited to see us everyday.
I was thinking about why it is such a joy for dog loving people to be dog owners. I came up with this.
Owning an animal is the perfect example of service. You feed it, take care of it when it is sick, give it water, take it on walks, wash it, brush it, clean it, clean up after it, pet it, love on it, talk to it, lean on it, and it depends on you, but eventually you come to the point that you depend on it.

Our savior wants us to serve others. He knows that serving fulfills others, but most important it fulfills us. Owning Winston has taught me this in 5 short days. I have felt so fulfilled in taking care of him and knowing that he depends on me. Im grateful that the Lord has given us service, and this has been a learning experience to me, that I need to serve others more and think less of myself, and more of others.

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