Sunday, November 21, 2010


Okay- I have to change number two on my previous list, or whatever number it is. I cant remember which one it is. But, the one where it says I decided that i would rather be the girlfiriend of a surfer than a surfer. I decided I want both. extremely bad. Haha Okay, so this weekend was absolutely AMAZING. I went surfing, saw the Prophet!! Face to Face. It was incredible, went hot tubbing at Turtle Bay, went and saw Harry Potter, and the temple dedication was today! What an amazing weekend!!

Lauren my dear friend, says that we should have never gone surfing because she knows how obsessed I can get with things, and she sees my obsession coming out for this. haha Its true. I love it.

 For my first time, I think I did pretty good. I got up a billion times, but it was hard for me to stay up. I cant wait for the next time so that I can stay up for longer! oh man. its amazing.

I just love it, you are out in the ocean, which is one of God's most amazing creations. All you think about is you, the board, and the water. Nothing else, and when you get pounded by a wave, it just inspires you to try again. I love it.

Sincerely, Kaylyn

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