Monday, February 11, 2013

My Memaw

I am an incredibly lucky girl. I was able to have my memaw be a part of my life for 22 years.
She filled my short 22 years with so much laughter, kindness, and delicious deviled eggs.

I have so many childhood memories of going to Helen with her, spending the night at her house, going to church with her at the same Baptist church she had gone to for decades and watching as the preacher would ask who had the most great grandchilden in the congregation and seeing her light up when she would be given a flower for having the most. As I think about my short 22 years I cant imagine what looking back on 88 years must feel like. Much less, as I look back on my short 4 months of marriage, I cant imagine what looking back on 70 years of marraige must feel like.

My memaw and pepaw were and are the perfect example of love. Throw any movie you think shows true love in the garbage because nothing exemplifies it's honesty more than their love. They were married for 70 years. Never once did I hear them cut at each other, slander each other, or even make a sarcastic remark. My pepaw has lived his life serving her and caring for her, as she has done the same for him.
My memaw has suffered from dimentia for the past 5-8 years and had become confused and began to not recognize many of her family members, but she always knew who Hascal was. That was never negated in her mind.

As she passed away on sunday afternoon, I felt my heart break for my Pepaw. I feel that I will continue to feel it break as he misses her daily. She was his "sugar foot"- his "sweet-heart"- A lot of people lost their Memaw on Sunday. I did, my cousins did, my brothers did. My dad did, my uncles and aunts did. My nanny lost her mom. My pepaw lost his sweet-heart. But my Memaw's  parents reunited with her once more yesterday in the sky, she got to give her son a hug again, her sisters, her immediate family is whole again.

My Pepaw and Memaws love is eternal. Nothing can end it. They will be reunited one day too. Family, love, and strength hold us together for now.

As Christopher and I left my Pepaw's home last night, I hugged him and told him how much I loved him and how we only hope to have a marriage and a love like him and Memaw have. He answered with " You have a long way to go." hahaha  But then he said "ohhh you know you will have some bumps on the way- but if you turn them over to God- He CAN and WILL smoothe them over".

I know he's right. Im so grateful for His and My Memaw's example in my life. How blessed am I.


  1. Kaylyn, everything that you said was perfect! I love what Pepaw said to you, precious. Thank you, this is beautiful! I love you!

    1. thanks aubrey! we wish you could be here! i love you too!!

  2. That was perfect Kayln. I feel sad for Pepaw but I'm so glad Memaw is happy and free from the trials of this life! Hugs and squeezes!

  3. So tender, Kaylyn! Beautiful woman who leaves behind a wonderful legacy. Love you!