Sunday, December 5, 2010

Haleigh Hodges

Today is My Due Date, as well as Haleigh Hodges Birthday.
Haleigh Elizabeth Hodges, or Susan haha is my best friend. My mom babysat her when we were babies. Achievement days came around and we used to hide from our moms and beg for each other to come over and hang out with each other. Six grade came around- and we were in different pods but hung out with the same people and we loved boys a lot then.. haha Seventh Grade came around and this is when we became BEST BEST friends. Seventh grade was one of the funnest years ever. We had our birthday parties together, we rode my four wheelers through crazy mud, and we jumped in the lake behind my house and would spend the night at each others house on school nights. We thought we were so rebellios haha. Eighth Grade came around and we decided that cute clothes were for weirdos so we wore sweat pants and T shirts every SINGLE day during out eigth grade year. Me and Haleigh also had our first kiss this year. haha and it was from the same guy. hahahaha two weeks apart hahaha WE also spent some awesome summer together during these middle school days, where I attemped swim team, and she loved swim team haha and we went to some awesome girls camps together.
So highschool came around, and my brother picked us up in his BMW and we went to our first day of seminary and highschool. WE got there at seven thirty and were freaking out about getting their early cause we didnt know what we would do at school that early. Highschool football games, new boys, and new friends came around, but we stayed best friends.
I transferred to a new school, to Hillgrove my sophmore year. I told her I was transferring at church and we both cried our eyes out. We were scared thing would change, but they didnt. We stayed best friends all through highschool. We eventually met Miranda, Robert, Ryan, Adam, Ethan, Richard, Mackenzie, and of course Leah Joyce Krogh was with us from birth as well. These became our best friends or or Crew like we liked to call them. WE did some crazy, fun, and unforgettable things with them through out Highschool.
Eventually, Graduation came around, and I went to BYU in utah and she went to a school in Georgia, georgia Southern. This was scary for us, it was going to be the first time we wouldnt be around each other for a long period of time. However, we got even closer our first year of college together, and Last summer was so fun. This year, I am in Hawaii and she is in our home state, Georgia. We are still better friends than ever, and today is her Birthday. She is twenty years old today, and I am PRIVILEDGED to have spent these years with her, and to have been her best friend. I am so thankful for her and for her friendship and the many many many many things she has taught me!

I cant wait for us to continue to be friends throughtout our whole lives, Right now we can reminisce about highschool, and middle school years, but one day we will be able to talk about our wedding days, and hopefully our kids will be friends and the circle will just keep going!


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