Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Middle

This weekend was wayyy fun!! We hiked a really cool hike! Its called Sacred Falls. For those of you not from Hawaii, its called Sacred Falls because there these cliffs and dangerous falling rocks in the canyon, however, they rocks rarely fall. hahaa but, if you touch these small rocks, that have apparently been rapped in leaves by natives here, and rocks start falling, it means you arent wanted there. So whenever we see rocks stacked in statues, or wrapped in leaves, we never touch them, for fear of falling rocks!! hahaha

The hike was so beautiful. I have hiked it before, and there is not many things that I love to do more than hike. The water at the waterfall was freeezing! But of course, we had to get in! The hike is full of beautiful scenery. The mountains, a river/large creek haha that you have to cross, crawl under low branches, trek through grass as tall as your head and then walk into open meadows of trees. It is so beautiful.

While this hike was so awesome, it became even more awesome due to a little bet. hahaha So apparently, me and my friend lexi talk alot. I dont know who would evvvvvvvvver think this, haha, but our friends told us that if we made the rest of the hike down without saying another word, he would buy us ice cream. Well, our love for ice cream won out!!! But in my opinion, they really missed our good conversation while we were quiet, haha, but the night was topped off with a gallon of ice cream and some girl talk with me, lexi, and tim. haha

Thought for the Week

Its so easy to reminisce and wish ourselves back to the past, or to look so far ahead and see something and get lost in the future. So often, we forget the present, the here and now. And more often than not, we look back at a moment in our life that we thought was mediocre at the time, and think it was one of the greatest. I am  guilty of this. I get lost in the future and stuck in the past. While both the future and the past are important, exciting, and shaping for our lives, it is important, actually vital, to live in the here and now.

A professor once asked me, "Do you think you will be happy in 25 years?"
I replied "I hope so"
He said, " A good indicator of if you will be happy in the future, is if you are happy now."

I thought on this a lot, and while it is difficult for me, Ive learned how important it is to keep the future in mind, remember the past, but to live in the now. And to not only live in it, but to enjoy it.

Gordon B. Hinckley, a former prophet and president of my faith said, "Life is to be enjoyed, not endured."

So living happily in the present, not wishing away to the past, or wandering in the future, is a difficult task, but its a task worth giving it your all. =)