Monday, November 21, 2011

Grateful Times!

Ten things I am grateful for from last week!
1.) My fantastic and lovely room mate gave me this yellow hoodie for my birthday!! =)

2.) We had such a fun time going to get my room mates hair chopped off! She looks soo rad! haha

3.) We got a package from my nanny!! She is so awesome!!!

4.) Leah made me soup when I was on my death bed this week! haha okay- I wasnt on my death bed but I was super sick and felt horrible! I love havin fam here to cook for me when Im siiiick!

5.) Christmas time in Hawaii is beauitful!

6.) Game Night on Sunday nights! Sunday night a lot of our friends came over and we played Cranium. It was SO fun.

7.) Church with my roomies!!

8.) Phone calls to my mom! She cracks me up everytime I talk to her. I hope Im as funny as she is one day. hahaa

9.) Forgiveness. I broke leahs lap top ACCIDENTLY. and she was soooo forgiving and nice. I am so lucky for her example of forgiveness! I could be way better at that!

10.) 25 days til I get home and start the PARTY for CHRISTMAS BREAK BABY!!!

I cant wait for Thanksgiving! It is probably my favorite holiday actually. I miss being at home for it, but I am so grateful and happy for the best room mates ever and for all the fantastic people in my life here, and at home! =) If you are lucky to be at home with your family for Thanksgiving, soak it up! Throughout life, we are given soo many blessings. If we soak up every good thing in our lives into our souls, we wont have room for negativness. So even though I am not at home, Im gonna soak up the good things here! So...Soak it up people! Soak it up! hahahaha

-- kb

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