Monday, November 14, 2011

nothing ventured, nothing done.

The Domestic side of Hawaii- hahaha

Me and Leah cooked dinner for the missionaries. We were SO proud of ourselves! We cooked delicious chicken and peppers, leah made some delicious brasilian rice, and we made some vegetables seasoned in some good seasoning stuff. hahaha Then we set our table! with our cute hannah montana cups and plastic plates. haha but it was fun!!

We were very domestic this week! We made Carmel popcorn too on saturday! and carmel apples!! So fun =)

So Saturday- we woke up and cleaned our WHOLE house, and when I say cleaned- I mean cleaned. We came up with a new system for dishes, cleaned the bathroom, our rooms the dens, we were washing the walls even, haha organizing drawers and what not, and then we rearranged our den! It was funnn and we are all excited about the new feel of our home! haha

So after that we went to Waimae! It was so fun, but we couldn't jump because the current was too strong- so we werent happy about that- but I got to drive! I had only driven once in hawaii before so it was so fun for me!

We just played volleyball and then went to Stortos which is a delicious sandwhich shop in Haliewa.
This is Leah at the sandwhich shop!

After that we just played music and then went and watched Friday Night Lights at some of our friends house. It was a goood day!

Sunday- we went to church and then our room mate Tiffanne gave a talk at a church devotional sunday night. It was so goood! She talked about failure, and how we can fail forward- meaning we can grow from all our failures and be better because of them. She is so awesome!

Thought For the Week
I read this book yesterday about a woman that experienced some tough things during the Civil War- and in it she says, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Done. It is such an awesome thought! She uses it when she is cooking for a company in the Civil War and she only has turtle eggs and sweetened condensed milk. She makes the best meal she has ever made from these two strange ingredients and the soldiers loved it. Me and Leah definately ventured out when we cooked and became all domestic this week. haha. But anyways--  The phrase coined shows us that we have to venture, to do something great. Nothing is accomplished unless we try to do things that are out of our comfort zone. When we break out of this zone, we grow. So Venture out- so you can do something great! =)

- kb

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