Monday, September 26, 2011

Beauty Everywhere

Well another week in Hawaii has gone by. This week actually went by fast! I was busy with school work and with grocery shopping, practice, and that stuff. haha The good thing about being busy, is you keep focused, the bad thing, is that there isnt time for the beach!
So this is the first year I have had to cook for myself, crazy huh?? soo anyways...
 I am becoming a pretty good cook! Thanks to my roomie!! We bought food from Costco, and its so fun! We cook together every single night and eat at our little homie table! Its really fun =) This week we had, Sphagetti, Tacos, delicious salads, and Chicken and vegetables! Sooo good =))

There are two boys that live under us. Ok , let me explain my living conditions, I live in an apartment that is  part of a house above my landlord, and in her family there are two boys, one three and one five. THEY ARE SO dang cute!! They just come running in our apartment al the time. Its pretty funny, except for when you are sleeping and you wake up and they are just staring at you... hahaha kinda creepy. But they think my name is coconut, hhahaha Its pretty funny! I walk outside and they yell COCONUT!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!? hahaha

This is the three year old, Manassah and my room mate.

There is Beauty in a child. 

So this week, I went to the Kahuku football game with some friends! One of my team mates from Germany came with me, and she has never been to a football game before! She thought the cheerleaders were so cute, and couldnt believe girls really wore fancy dresses and had an actual "homecoming queen" (It was the homecoming game) It was really cool to experience this with her haha. The game was SO fun.  I loved being at a football game. Its been a while.

There is Beauty in Football =) 

Saturday we just went to Hukilau Beach for the opening social, got some free food, which I love now that im shopping for myself =) and then we went to town!!! (Honolulu) We just walked the strip, went shopping, and then ate at CheeseCake factory for some desert. Delllicioouss =) I love my friends here sooooo much.

There is Beauty in Friendship.

We got really carried away taking pictures, hahaha and carried away belting music out of the car on the way home =) Anyways it was a fantastic weekend.

I got the chance to watch a conference talk by President Uchtdorf, who is an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and his message was so touching so I thought  
I would leave it with yall as well. He talked about a flower called "forget me not" and he gave five points we should remember like the five petals. In one of his final points he talked about Willy Wonka, and he told about how he put five golden tickets out. He says,
                           “In their anxiousness, people began to forget the simple joy they used to find in a candy bar. The candy bar itself becomes an utter disappointment if it does not contain a golden ticket,”

He discussed how people sometimes will put their happiness on hold as they wait for a future event, or golden ticket, to appear.
“The lesson here,” he said,” is that if we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses, we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us.”

I'd just like to add my thoughts to his message. He said thats its good to hope and to yearn for righteousness, but how often do we miss the beauty currently around us for our dreams of the future. Find joy in the small acts of kindess your friends do for you, find joy in the text your mom sends you, or the nice boy who holds the door open for you at chic fil a. Joy can be present at all times. Someone once told me, "If you wonder if you are going to be happy 25 years from now, a good indication is if you are happy now." Its good to have hopes and dreams and desire for good to come your way, I just think that I, and everyone can find Beauty Everywhere.

of course, its easy to find beauty in Hawaii =)

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