Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aloha, again!

Well, I am now back in Hawaii! I have been here for a full week now. Its weird cause, even though I left Hawaii for three and half months, and I grew, changed, and had the best summer of my life, hawaii is still a home away from home. Even though leaving home was really hard for me this year, I wouldnt have left home for anywhere else but here. I LOVE it here.

This week has consisted of a ton of stress! You would think that Hawaii is just hang loose and chill out- and it is =) but not until you are moved in and adjusted back to college life! School and moving in and getting ready for tennis again has paid its toll on me this past week, I finally made it to the beach on Saturday after getting here on Monday. Crazyyyy huh!?

1.) Hawaii consists of making new friends =)

 2.) Hawaii consists of going to the beach with a ton of your friends =) (and jumping off that rock that you can see people on in the back of this shot)

3.) Hawaii consists of reuniting with best friends!! =))

                                            4.) Hawaii consists of having rocks bulging out of the sea!
5.) and.... finally Hawaii consists of missing your family!

Today I was sick and I felt horrible. I was homesick and and sick at the same time, its easy to be homesick when you have such an incredible family home in georgia. I am grateful for the opportunity I am getting to live on this island, play tennis here, and get an education here, its actually a miracle that I can do all that here, but even in paradise, you get a little homesick! =)

Today is Sunday and I had such a good day at church before I got sick haha-- the rest of the day consisted of me layin in my bed whining to my family and to someone else.. haha anyways
 as i was thinking about my day at church compared to why I was upset, it made me
think alot on what makes people sad and what makes people upset. I know that sometimes, like in my case, you just wanna be. You just wanna miss home sometimes. But sometimes its not that easy of a fix. I think that this video does a good job of showing people how to achieve happiness. As we bring Christ into our lives and choose to follow his example an commandments we can be blessed with happiness =)

my challenge to all of yall and to myself this week, is to put this video into action!

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