Sunday, October 9, 2011


Oh, and hope is soul of the dreamer
And heaven is the home of my God
It only takes one true believer
To believe you can still beat the odds

This week in hawaii has been pretty awesome. I had matches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday- had two matches and lost both. bummer. Friday- two singles matches and won both! Saturday- singles match and doubles match and won both =) It was a fun tournament.
The rest of the week consisted of school. It wasnt a really eventful week. haha But I feel that I learned a lot this week --

 Something that I've kind of always heard and known is that belief is powerful. Belief comes in many different ways.

Sometimes its kinda hard to realize that we already have wings, how can we "fly" when we dont know that we have them?  I think the only way to find your "wings" is to go after something full hearted. Take chances, challenge yourself, put yourself in circumstances that will help you grow. If you live your life always being comfortable you will never need your wings. So break out of your norm. Do things that will help others, even when you feel awkward. Listen to your heart, but use your head. To make this short, find your wings.
Believe in yourself.

Go for it. Leap.

Believe in yourself, Believe in Others, Believe that God lives.

If we believe in ourselves, we have to take action and fly, when we believe in others, we take action in giving them our trust and love, and when we believe that God lives and loves us and hears our prayers, we take action and serve him.

So to me, my little formula is that sometimes we have to take action, to find our belief that we already have. Sometimes people think its the other way around, but after this week, Ive kinda learned that its the opposite, leaps help us find our hidden wings, actions help us find belief.

 <3 kb

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