Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swagga Like Us- Roll Side

So it has been FOREVER since I have updated this, Sorry about that. Well, Hawaii is still amazing, and still fantastic, and I am still lovin every minute of it.

Last week, me and my amazing team just got back from a road trip to the South! It was SO fun, first we went to Alabama and then Pensacola, Augusta, and part of South Caroline. It was AWESOME. Basially, I have the best team ever, and they are the funniest people ever.

Alabama- Most of the people on my team have never been to the south before, so experiencing the passion for football as a religion was new to them. They thought it was crazy how everywhere you went, you could say-- "Roll Tide" and people would say it back with the biggest smile ever. So my team went into every sub shop, convenience store, and gas station saying roll tide to every one. haha It became this huge joke, and we changed it to "Roll Side" because we are the Seasiders, so now we over say it and its AWESOME and basically in every practice, gathering, or conversation, "roll side" gets said. We played four or five teams here at Alabama St. -- Also my parents came and my grandparents came to watch! It was so fun having them come and having them meet my team and coaches =) I LOVE MY FAMILY.

Pensacola- So our hotel in Pensacola was awesome- I roomed with Sophie, and after two weeks of rooming with the same person, lets just say we learned a lot about each other, haha. But, actually, We complained about our hotel, because we didnt get new towels every day and they didnt make our beds. Most of you are probably thinking, "wow, what brats" but, dont worrry, we got punished for this thought process in our next hotel =) Pensacola was fun, the guys played well and we did too, so it was way fun. Although, we got our fill of Golden Corral, Ryans, and Firehouse Subs. Also, there was a tornado warning while we were in the hotel, and that was abit scarry for most of the team that had never experienced that before! haha pretty funny.

AUGUSTA- Okay, now were talking. hahahaha So for those of you that dont know, Augusta, well all that is there are the Masters. It was awful hahahah So we arrive to our Motel, Its called Scottish Inn. hahah MOst of us thought it was joke in our car, but as soon as we got out, recieved our keys, we realized it was for real. It actually was SO MUCH FUN. We were pretty scared for most of it, In our room, there was furniture stacked in front of our door and the door was bolted shut at night, our lap tops never stayed in our rooms. Im pretty sure you guys get the feel of it. And Golden Hibachi was our residential eating place. Delicious.

The Car Rides- So in my Van, there was our "mom" Shawni- there was the guy that almost killed us numerous amounts of times- C.J., the girl that sang and seduced the guy in the back seat, Sophie, the girl that always wanted Lupe Fiasco on the radio, Sasha, the guy that never left his world of head phones and blink 182- Taylor, and me. Needless to say, our car was the best! From our adventures in getting an auxillary chord, to watching Country Strong, to talking in our southern accents, to the great rides home after a great win, or the rough rides back after a couple of losses, to the "freeze outs" to the smell of C.J.'s feet, to the singing of "were there, were there", to the ruined CDs by Sophie, to the Amazing find of Parkay by Shawni, and to the "I'm cold, can you turn the heat on, Im hot can you turn the air on" of sashimi to the just constant laughter. Our van was the best. No questions asked.

The end of the trip was awesome! We got to all stay at my house, have battles in the lake, play football at Lost Mtn Park, and eat BBq for dinner. Life was pretty great those two weeks.

Basically Life is Fantastic =)

To sum all of this up, I owe all of these amazing experiences I have been having to My Savior. I know that because of Him, I am here at BYUH, and because of Him, I am meeting people that are influencing me for the better, I know that by following Him and His commandments, good things happen. Most of you know that I am Mormon, My religion is not something that requires little of me. It requires a lot of dedication and a lot of discipline, but with it, comes so much JOy and Happiness. Do I think that people that are not of my Faith experience joy and happiness? OF COURSE I DO. But, as bold as this may be, I do believe, that SO MUCH MORE Joy Comes from the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and that through him, we can continue to have His Light and His Joy with us at all times. =)

My Feet are Firmly Planted IN the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

Until Next time--- Kb

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