Monday, February 28, 2011

So Blessed

It has been a while since I have done my blog, so I have been thinking about what the theme of my last couple of weeks has been. I noticed a facebook status of my friend, Elysse Allman, the other day. She said something like, I have so much homework and stress, but somehow instead of feeling stresed, all I can feel is gratitude. Its as if she stole my thought and published it. I feel the same. There are so many times that I feel so homesick, or lonely, or all of the regular emotions that all humans feel periodically, but instead of being overcome with these feelings of stress, homesickness, anxiety and what not, I find myself only feeling blessed. I am so blessed. I am so blessed with my amazing parents and family, I am so blessed to be attending a University that is not only located in Paradise, but it is a university where I can learn about things of the world, but learn about the things of My Savior and his gospel. I am so blessed to be surrounded by good friends. I am blessed with the friends I have here in Hawaii, and so blessed with my friends from home, both, I know will be friends for a life time. I am blessed to be given a family so surrounded by music that I could learn to play and appreciate it. I am blessed with the chance to play college tennis. All and all, I am SO blessed, and I hope that I can remember these feelings and keep them with me always.

Well, after that little spill, haha here some things that have happened in the past couple weeks!
1) We took a weekend to Haliewa and had some hawaiian ice
2.) Got poured on while hitch hiking in this truck, that was fun haha.
3.) Went to Keiki's, and you could ride your boogie board on the sand down this like huge hill into a crashing wave, and the wave would launch you like 5 feet in the air. It was sick.

4). Made a Music Video.
5). Went to Surfin Tacos, it was Reggae night, so there was cool music being played
6). I had an interview to be an EFY Counselor for Gainsville Georgia!! I hope I get it ! The interview went super well, so I should be finding out soon!
7). We had four matches, and won all of them!
8). Our basketball team had their last home game last night! =(
9.)Went and saw this play called Oklahoma.
10.) Went to Honolulu and went to California Pizza Kitchen, where I got bus sick, because I always get bus sick.

11). Saw whales!!!!
12). Finished off the Sunday today, by going to the temple, watching The Joseph Smith movie at the Visitor Center, and taking some time to think on the temple grounds.

So just to recap, the theme of my past couple of weeks is to remember that Good things happen, and they can out do ALL of the bad, but its up to us- we have to let them.

Optimists Laugh to forget, Pessimists forget to laugh.


  1. Kaylyn!! I am so jealous of your life right now. You are making me want to come to Hawaii so bad instead of freezing cold, no beach provo!! But seriously you are the best and I miss seeing you and your gorge southern accent!!

  2. hannah! words can not express how much i miss seeing you!!!! are we ever going to see each other again do you thinK!? and you should come here!!! you would love it! I love you and miss you and your lovely brittish accent!!!