Monday, April 11, 2011


The word Gnarly. Adjective. Gnarly is when you have gone beyond radical, when you have gone beyond extreme. Gnarly is when something is better than awesome. Gnarly just means gnarly. It cant be described, it more has to be felt.

 A week in the Life of ME =)

I wrote like nine hundred papers- took some finals- and now I am done with my sophomore year of college.
That is kinda gnarly. 

Saturday- Three of my team mates graduated- The ceremony was awesome! They all came out and people put laiis on them and some people had laiis up to their noses!! Graduation was really cool to see.
It was pretty gnarly. 

Shawni's family is in town and are staying in a house that is incredible! Its on the beach and has its own private pool and a hot tub! We boogie boarded all day and body surfed. It was way fun. I got smashed by a wave and thought I was drowning. Pretty awesome.
It was definitely gnarly.
Sunday- My best friends moved into this house that is on the point- It overlooks the ocean and is absolutely beautiful. They have their own balcony and it is just beautiful. We went surfing today. The waves kinda sucked. But it was pretty awesome and tonight were going to watch scary movies.
I think it, as well, is going to be gnarly. 

However, with all of these events that have been taking place- the coolest that is taking place is tomorrow at 7 fifteen. One of my team mates has decided to get  baptized. He has decided to make a covenant with his Father in Heaven and is going to be baptized in the Ocean! I am so excited for this step he is taking in his life. Being baptized is one of the coolest things on this planet. Its better than surfing, than graduating, than a house on a point, its the most important thing we can do on this Earth. Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. In order for us to be like Him, and to Live in his Presence again, we, too, must be baptized. I am so excited for his baptism tomorrow. And the fact that it is in the ocean is pretty awesome. 

The Gospel is the most gnarly thing evvvvver!!! 


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