Monday, April 18, 2011

Fresh Start

So- If there is anything that I have realized here in Hawaii- its that Change is always Constant. Kind of an oxymoron? Yeah, probably. This week a lot of changes took place. Sometimes I am confused as to whether change is good or bad, and growing up I always thought that I LOVED change, but I am realizing now, that sometimes I dont like it.

For example, I dont like the kind of change at the end of the semester when my homie Lexi peaces outta here on me. =(

But even though she left me here- the upside is now I get to hang out with all kinds of people from different countries! Most of the people that live in the dorms, like me-haha, for spring, are international. So tonight I ate dinner with three girls from Fiji, and a girl from Papua New Guinea,
There is always an  upside to even the sad changes!

Another Change that happened this week- is that I ordered Shrimp. This week I actually ordered Shrimp for the first time ever. I love it now. And I ate a whole tomato. What the heck!? My taste buds are goin insane.

Shawni Porter- She also left this week, actually today. Shawni is a girl on my team and she is AWESOME. I have never met someone that is as genuinely nice to everyone like she is. She is soo rad!! Our whole team is gonna miss her until Nationals!
The upside to this change? - We get to have an awesome reunion at nationals with her!!

The next AWESOME change is that our team is now Conference Champions- So I cant wait for us to kick butt at NATIONALS!! See yall in Florida! =)

Change is always all around us. I also rearranged my room this week. Haha- This week has just been crazy. It is definitely a Fresh start in every category of my life.
Tennis- Fresh start to Nationals
School- Fresh start tomorrow-Spring semster starts.
Taste buds?- hahaha I guess I like shrimp and tomatoes now!
Culture- Fresh start to getting to know all the many cultures that attend this school!

Also- This week my Brother, Jared Bristol, is about to take a HUGE step that is going to be a huge Fresh Start and a huge Change. He is graduating from BYU. How awesome is that. My brother is by far the best person that I know. Sorry to the rest of the world out there reading this. But- He is ridiculously awesome. He constantly is striving to be better and constantly reminding me of how I can be better =) I am grateful to have him be an example to me and to have him keep pushing me in the right direction! He is going on to Dental School and is gonna Kick some major butt in Tennesse as he learns how to.. well I dont know what hes gonna learn how to do, make teeth and crap sparkle I guess. hahaha

Thats Jared on the left- and Me on the right. Doesnt feel right that he is already Graduating! Love you Bro =)

The last Fresh Start that I want to talk about and the last Changing event that I want to talk about this week does not involve me so much. I told you guys in my last blog about a friend of mine on the tennis team! Well his baptism left my speechless. It was so incredible, and today in Church he talked to the WHOLE congregation about how this gospel has changed his life. What a cool experience he let me be a part of. His Fresh start is an example to me.

So This week has had a lot of change. Change can be awesome!  Some people see change coming and freak out, some people embrace it. Some people look at change and think - Alright- Bring It on I love it. The bottom line is that change is inevitable. We cant fight it, we cant stop it, and most of the time we cant control it. The truth is that change can  help us and does help us more than we realize. It was a major change for me to come to Hawaii from provo- but I am thankful for that decision everyday. It was scary, but so worth it. The same for my friend that got baptized, what a scary change, But I know he will be grateful for it. We grow stronger from change, because its through all of that crazy change that we learn to rely on that constant in our life- Our Savior- the only unchangeable thing there is.

- KB


  1. Ah hahaha, i cant believe you put this picture up!! Lol, that was soo long ago!

  2. hahaha carlie i knoww!! i just love it so much!! we look so cute =)