Sunday, January 30, 2011

this crazy life

Well this week was fantastic, yet again. This week i had a lot of time to reflect ant think about things. My old team from BYU Provo came to hawaii this weekend. They werent playing us, but a couple of schools in a tournament here. It was really fun seeing them and hanging out with them for the weekend! Especially seeing Aubrey Paul. She is such an awesome person. She was my room mate last year, and we made some crazy memories from my pants ripping, coloring books, experiencing my first snow together, my messiness, her cleanliness, and our different personalities coming to a complete and total understanding of each other. I feel like we both understand each other more than we understand ourselves sometimes. I know God put us in each others paths to learn form each other, and seeing her this weekend was a clarifying moment of that. I never expected to be in Hawaii this year. I never expected to leave BYU Provo and to leave that team and to leave her, but sometimes oppurtunities and promptings come and ignoring them would be the bigger fault. Looking back at last year, I never expected to be living the life i am now. I am so grateful for my expereince at BYU last year, and I am thrilled to be gaining the once in  lifetime experience I am gaining here. If I have learned one thing in these past two college years, its that the relationships we create with each other, the way we effect people is lasting. Its whats important, and its what stays with you.

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