Sunday, January 23, 2011

This week was pretty fantastic! On Thursday, the Eddie was supposed to go. The eddie is like the BIGGEST wave surf competition and it only goes every other year, but the waves werent big enough, so it didnt go. I was pretty upset about that, but what was so cool is that Elder Bednar came. In my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, or mormons, we believe that the same church that was set up when Christ was on the earth is what our religion is today. So we have a prophet today, just like when before christ was on the earth, like Abraham and Moses and so on. When Christ came, there were apostles, like peter james and John. So today, we have  a prophet and he is for everyone on the Earth! So we also have 12 apostles. And Elder Bednar is one of them. So he came to speak to our university on Thursday! It was so cool and I learned so much. He spoke on being converted to the Lord and following in his path and serving him. It was really awesome =)

So on Friday, we went to the basketball game and we played Hawaii Pacific, we went into DOUBLE over time! It was so crazy and intense! We won in the last thirty seconds and the stadium rushed the court! It was SO awesome, I was screaming my head off. haha I am sure you guys cant imagine that =)

Saturday, we went to Turtle Bay Resort. Just the girls, it was a nice little get away and we just hung out by the beach and by the pool. There was a wedding going on there, and of course we all just stared at it in jealously hahaha None of us want to be married yet, but to wear that beautiful dress, and to be with a nice hunk would be nice hahaha =) My room mate let me borrow her car, so we went to Teds Bakery and got her a slice of heaven's cake to say thanks!

Today is Sunday, and Sundays are always hard for me. I miss home on Sundays and I miss my family. But I have amazing friends here. I love it here, I feel like I repeat myself a lot on this little blog thing but its just because I like to express the things dearest to me. I love Hawaii. I love my Family. And I love my Savior. And I love my friends.

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