Monday, October 25, 2010


Wow, another week in paradise has gone by. Time seems to fly by here. I love every minute I am here. I am even starting to love these things called sixty second laps we have to run for punishment in tennis. Well, maybe I wouldnt go that far ;) But I really do love it more and more as time goes by here. This week was fantastic.
So, I have become obsessed with intraumurel or however you spell it sports here in hawaii. Every week we have two nights that we do team sports. ITS SO FUN. This week was water polo! It was so fun, haha except we played where everyone has a float or a tube haha so its made easier. But it was still way fun! Our team made it really far in the tournament and I was the goalie! I loved it. It was actually really intense. Last week was badminton, the week before that was dodgeball, and this week volleyball! So fun.
So Friday night we went to this party that was pretty fun! It was at house that eleven guys live at. The house was so nice and it was on the ocean and so pretty. The party was fun but it ended early unfortunately.
We also saw this HUGE snail and someone had painted it!! hahaha it was so awesome.
Oh so then we went to the beach, went shopping, and then came back, died a streak in my hair, and stayed up way too late watching scary movies. great time.

BUT WAIT, something went wrong when we went shopping. I left my wallet at the bus stop. It had a lot of cash in it, my debit card, and my license. Bad day for me. Fortunately, I live in an awesome area where there are a lot of good christian people, most of them are lds, and luckily these girls that went to kahuku highschool brought my wallet back to byu for me! and it had all my money and cards still in it! thank goodness for good people! I was so lucky. so lucky.

Also this weekend was the Laie, Temple open house!!!!!! So i got to go inside and see the entire temple. It was absolutely breath taking. I loved it. I decided I can get married here. haha I love it love it love it.

anyways- i love it here in hawaii!!!! miss you guys!!!

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  1. So am I the only one posting comments? Maybe I'm the only one that knows how! haha
    Anyhoo, what happened to the party? ended early?
    Nice snail. Lots of things are painted there. Snails, Kaylyn's bike, etc......
    I'm up for a wedding at that temple! We r there!!!