Sunday, October 17, 2010


This week has been awesome. Kinda crazy- but way fun. This is the first weekend that I didnt do anything extreme since I have been here in Hawaii. We were going to go hiking to this waterfall- or go surfing but instead we had practice on saturday morning and went to the girls and guys soccer games! It was fun- we went as a team and it was fun all hanging out together. My body has been way tired this week- so I was kinda glad I had a relaxing weekend.

On wednesday night we went with a group of people to Angels, which is this hawaiian ice thing - it is amazing. They put sweetened condensed milk and ice cream in hawaiian ice. Its so good! After that we went to see this movie called Devil. Definately dont recommend it. Not even scary, and not even good. haha

Oh! and last night was food fest! it was AWESOME. so it was kind of like a carnival or fair- basically all the international students- and there are over
73 countries represented here- cooked there countries favorite dish and we had a giant food fest! it was awesome. So many people were there and live music was being played, so we got to just eat and listen to awesome music. =)

Today I gave a talk in church! Some of my team mates came so that was really cool. I like my ward a lot here and i love everyone in it! They are way awesome- but today for some reason giving a talk made me miss the singles ward in Georgia. It felt good to be contributing to the ward again- but it made me miss the old mill creek branch where i had so many callings, and so many awesome people. Miss you guys!

So this week, I have a lot of tests and research papers and projects due. So its going to be a busy week!
okay- well i miss you guys!!! lovvve- kb

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