Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another week goes by!

I cant believe another week has gone by! seriously, time flies by here in Laie. I love it more and more and more!
Despite the fact that i had six papers due this week, and A LOT of running to do for tennis, i love love love love love it.

Thursday night we went to this Haunted Lagoon! A lot of the locals and students at byu-h volunteer at the polynesian cultural center- which is like disney land here and they dress up as scary people and scare you haha we went on this river boat and the people were in the water!! I was screaming my head off! After we went to Angels and had this thing called an Angel's Halo- its the most amazing shaved ice with ice cream in the botttom! We probably eat that too much here =)
Friday we made carmel popcorn and watched disturbia with a bunch of people!! It was so much fun! Except for the fact that me and Lexi- who is like my other half here in hawaii- couldnt shut up and were probably being annoying haha but it was so so much fun!

Saturday was my friend Andy- on the guys tennis team- it was his baptism!! It was such a cool experience! The whole womens team went and we all sang at it. We sang I know that My Redeemer Lives. It was really  cool singing at it with the whole team. Most of my team is not mormon, so they had never been to a mormon baptism but still wanted to sing at it all together. So it was a really cool, fun, experience! After the baptism, We went to Turtle Bay and played volleyball like all day! It was so much fun!! I realized im not that good but I loved it. haha

Me, Lauren, and Lexi went to the volleyball game that night. So yes, we had a lot of volleyball intake on saturday. haha I had to usher it for tennis, each athletic team has to volunteer to usher an athletic event, so this was our night, and my awesome friends came and sat with me!!!

So the rest of the night we just watched scary movies and ate a lot of carmel popcorn haha this is the first year we didnt dress up for halloween, we know were lame... but we still had so much fun!!

until next week lads and gents! love you allll!!!
Maholo- Kaylyn

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  1. Love it, Kay! You are a natural blogger!
    How cool that a guy from the tennis team was baptized. Very cool experience.