Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love my Family!

So this weekend was a nice boring peaceful weekend haha- it rained so we didnt do anything really. we played 4 square in our lounge like all weekend hahaha oh and we went to pounders beach- butttt we got out real quick cause we learned from a local that were not supposed to get in the ocean if the water is coffee colored and it has just rained real hard! the reason being- the dead pigs flow down the river from the rain into the ocean and the sharks come in and eat them! sooo therefore- after a big rain- dont go in the ocean unless you wanna play with sharks haha. good lesson..? I would say so.

so some things I have learned about myself and things that have changed about me since I have been in hawaii

1.) I now like shrimp
2.) I decided that a sufer's life is great- but it would be better to be the girlfriend of a surfer haha
3.) Bugspray is my best friend
4.) My talents in riding a bike with no hands has increased
5.) My attention span has gotten much worse- hard to believe I know
6.) As great as the weather is here, I miss seasons.
7.) I am grateful for a lot of things I have in Georgia that I dont have here
8.) I have learned to live without air conditioning
9.) My Fan is my second best friend- second to bugspray
10.) Having sand on my feet- up to my ankles has become natural and not irritating

I am changing a lot here in Hawaii haha- and I am growing a lot too. I love it here- But today, especially, I am missing my family. Yesterday was my amazing mom's birthday. She is the best mom in the entire world and I learn from her everyday, I miss not being with my family everday.

Yesterday we did a service project and helped clean this hawaiians family yard- we raked up this huge leaves and picked out the rotten fruit out of their yard, we were about to leave when the family came out with like 30 eggs cooked and porteguese sausage and toast and this amazing juice. THey were so nice and so grateful for what we had done, the family was so nice and funny and it reminded me of mine! I miss them a WHOLE lot!!
39 days til I am home!!!!

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