Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well- Hawaii is slowly coming to an end. I have this post, and one more Sunday that I will post next week before it all concludes. It has been an amazing journey. I have learned more than I possibly ever imagined I would on these magical islands. But, before I lay out all my love for these islands, I have a few more adventures to post about before that time comes!

Adventure Number One-
I was blessed to be able to go to San Francisco for tennis! Where we played matches everyday, and won the PacWest Conference Championship! That was such a fun experience! We got to go to the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Warf, Lombard Street, and to see the beginning of some of the Redwood Trees!

 Adventure Number Two
This year I have had the amazing opportunity to get to know two of the cutest little boys in the world! Isaac and Mannesse. I live in a house that is three minute walk from the beach, and they live right under me, our house is split into parts, so they come up ALL the time. I have already had to say goodbye to some of my very best friends for an infinite number of time. We don't know when we will really see each other again, which is so sad, but its extremely sad knowing I probably wont ever see these two boys again. But I am eternally grateful for the chance I got to live with them and to hear their laughter, running feet, singing, banging on the piano. I will miss my nickname dubbed by them- "coconut" However, they are now calling me "Coconut- Princess" haha cant complain about that one!    I am gonna miss hearing " Hey coconut- Chech this out!"  followed by an awesome trick on a scooter. They were a blessing in my life- they became my family here on the isna.-

Adventure number three
Christopher got to come to Hawaii again!!! He came twice in one semester, How lucky am I?! This year I was so blessed, my cousin came to live with me, my brother came to visit me, my best friend- Haleigh came to visit me- and Christopher came twice! It was so perfect. This time when he came, we went to Pearl Harbor, Hard Rock Cafe, of course the Beach- Sunset Beach- Waikiki, Haliewa, we basically went all over the island, cause he had a car. It was perfect. Life is soooo great!!!! We had such an awesome time. Cant wait to see him in about two weeks!! 

I know this is a really long post, its just been a while, and I had a lot to fit in. But to conclude this post, I think my main feeling is just gratitude. Its so easy to take this for granted. I look outside everyday and know that I am blessed, but I dont have to be in Hawaii to know that I am blessed. I am blessed with an incredible family, and incredible mother and father. I am blessed because of the relationships I have. The relationships I have with my team, the relationships I have been able to create with Isaac and Mannesse, and of course with Christopher. I am blessed with my amazing family. I am blessed with a best friend who shows perfect friendship. Relationships are everything. After living for two and half yeas in Hawaii with no car, few material things, Ive learned that material things mean NOTHING in life. Its about relationships with living, breathing, human beings. I couldn't be more blessed withe people in my life.

OK- Well one more post in Hawaii- Cant wait for the next one!

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  1. oh my gosh, coconut!! you about made me cry.

    I miss you and I miss those two little boys!!! can we skype before you leave so that I can see their faces and yours?

    I miss you!! you look so hot and skinny in those tennis pictures and who took that adorable picture of you and christopher? YOU TWO ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!! (tell him i miss him too)