Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome November!!

WELCOME NOVEMBER! November is my favorite month!!! I love halloween, love it, and I love october, but November!!?!? Oh man, you guys, there is magic in the air during November!!! November is the beginnig of the Holidays. Its the beginning of the month that I turn 21 years old!! Its the beginning of the month that makes everyone start to think of the things they are thankful for. Its the beginning of the month that my brother turns 24. Its the beginning of the month that is my amazing mother turns 44. As well as my uncle has a birthday this month. This month is the beginning of awesomeness!!! It also is the last full month I am here in Hawaii til I can go home and see all the people that I care so much about!! =)

So Hawaii does not have the November feel. Its about 85 degrees everyday with a perfect ocean breeze =) and I love it. I miss the fall colors and the leaves, but I will have that for the rest of my life! It is fun to experience a month that should be cold, on the beach! I am so lucky!

So this month, my challenge to everyone is to take each day at a time and pick one thing to be thankful for each day and capitalize on that! Thats my goal this month for me =) I have so much to be thankful for!


It is not Happy people that are thankful ; it is thankful people that are happy!

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  1. eh, i guess i am kinda thankful for my roommate....
    capitalize on that suuuuucka.