Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life's Adventures

Today Im grateful.

1.) I get to go to a school full of happy people that love life! They cant help but rub off on people.
this is on the way back from waimae =)

We ate orange sherbert on the way back- soo good! but messy haha

happiness =)))

2.) I got to go to the farmers market on friday, and we went surfing! Good day.

3.) I have an AWESOME roommate!
just after surfingg =)

Oh and look who we ran into on the way home from the beach, and got to walk home!

this is manasseh who lives under us. we made ghost cookies with his brother on sunday. So fun!

4.) I have the greatest. family. ever.
I am so lucky to live in a place like this. Im lucky to have awesome friends. Im lucky to have a family in the heartland =) I miss them everrry day!

not to mention i love my best friend hales more than life!!!! (hahahaha)

Anyways, to conclude this shennanagin. - I love this.

Its not easy bein away from home - but its a heck of an adventure! and I love it here everyday!!! I think that so many times we can get caught up in the hard things, the things that bring ya down and hurt ya, and its not easy to just overcome them in a second, and its not easy to just "think about all the good things you have goin in your life" but it helps to look, or search out for the things you are grateful for. and to think of them often. as often as you can. And try and think about everything else as an adventure!

 <3 Kb

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