Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Later Georgia, It was fun!

So Christmas Break was flawless. Despite the bitter cold, it was amazing. To start off, My two lovely best friends, AMAZING brothers, and my fantastic parents came and picked me up from the airport at six in the morning!  That means that they got up at four to come and get me. Talk about Awesome!! It was so fun hanging out with them the whole time! Leah and Haleigh, Thank you so muchhh for coming and picking me up! So from then, we continued on and rode four wheelers in the freezing weather, and got covered in mud! Oh my, it was so glorious. That was definately ridiculously fun. I loved it so much.
It was SO great hanging out with my family. Here is a list of the things we did over break =)

- Opened a ridiculous amount of presents on christmas eve and day, as well as had such an amazing time with everyone and had fantastic cheesecake made by the best cook I know, my wonderful Grandmother, Meme.
-Drove to Alabama to buy fireworks from my Aunt Betty and Uncle Jonny, and on the way back we stopped at Cave Spring and drank water from the spring, strait from the creeek!
-Spent a ton of time on 4 wheelers
-Went to an Ugly Christmas sweater party, where instead of drinking and partying it up, we played who knows who the best. hahaha "Who Really Knows Leah? " hahaha - And Blaze- you definately love Annakin Skywalker the best. Im not Backing down.
-Played A TON of Family Feud- where we all would play as a huge team with all the cousins =)
- We all Beat Haleigh at Data Worm, including my mom =) hahah
- Watched Shutter Island- Great movie.
-Lost in a game of Spaids, unfortunately. My undefeated record has been blemished. Its devastating actually. I guess it was to worthy components though, Jared and Blaze, you got lucky.
- Went to Sapporos for my Dads Birthday!! It was so delicious. We shot off SOO many HUGE fireworks that night for New Years eve, it was SO fun.
-Did some facebook hacking. And when I say some, I mean a TON of hacking. Our whole family was hacking each others statuses. It was hilarious!
- Hung out with my cousins from Arizona! They are so funny!
- Hanging out at my Nannys house, There is nothing like 12 kids 8 Adults, and 2 Great grandparents all piled in having a blast in the Chaos.
- Went to Yogli Mogli like 293492384293874394 times. We kinda obsess over things in my family =/ haha
- My amazing brothers, and cousins sang in church! It was beautiful, and a priviledge to attend and listen =)
- And of course, We jammed out on the guitars and all sang togehter. This is definately my favorite thing. I sure do love them! I am so grateful to have been blessed and born into a family where I can learn from them about music and listen to their skills as they teach me skills. We all really connect through music. I love it.

Needless to Say, I have the most amazing Family in the World. They teach me about so many things. I have learned how to be a loyal person, a loving person, and a light hearted person. They can take almost anything and make it funny, but they know how to take things and make them more serious than they should, so that we learn from it. I think that the most important thing I have learned from them, is just that, that you can Learn from anything. Any event, any small, medium size, or big event can teach you. Everything shapes you, and it is up to you whether or not you learn from it and whether or not you Remember. Throughout the scriptures we are told to Remember things, Oh Remember, remember. I am always going to Remember the things I have learned from my family, and remember the joy they bring into my life. = )

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