Monday, December 13, 2010

December Sun!

Here it is. The END of my first semester here in Hawaii. I can not believe it. I feel like I have been on vacation for two weeks, and now I am going home. The time has flown by!

I am so excited to go home though, I love it hurr so much! But Georgia has been calling my name since the day I left, YOu never know how great the south is until you leave it. I am living in the Paradise, absolute Paradise, and Georgia still remains on my mind. I just love my family, and whereever they are- That is where I wanna be.

Well, this week has been amazing. I did a service project in Kahana, Kahana is a place where they are trying to preserve the native Hawaiian Land, so we used our feet to push fertilizer down into mud and we would sink down to our ankles!! And we swam in this river and would use a knife to cut out all the weeds in the river! This is definately the funnest service project I have ever done! Oh and, the river kinda had a current so I had to swim a lot haha, so my seventh grade swimming skills have really come in handy here in Hawaii! =)
This weekend, we rode the bus to the Dole Plantation. Its where all the pineapples you guys are eating on the Mainland are from. It was cool and they had the BEST pineapple ice cream ever!
On thursday night- There was a CRAZY rain storm. It rained FOR like a little over 24 hours strait and there flash floods! So we took our boogie boards at one in the morning and boogie boarded all over the grass in front of our dorms and stuff. Basically the whole school was outside! It was one of the funnest nights yet here in Hawaii. It keeps on getting better!

So I was thinking- about this lately and I decided I am going to start ending my blogs with a little thought. Something I have been thinking about this week is choices. There is a Taylor Swift song, haha oh how I love my T-Swift, but I actually disagree with her. She has a song and it goes like this,
"Who you are is not where Youve been."
But I dont agree with her. The places I have been define me and have shaped me into the person I am. You can decide how the things in your life shape you, but the places and state of minds that I have been in completely shape who I am. The choices I have made to get the places I have been are all in our individual hands. When you complain about your life or aspects of your life, you have the choice to see it in a different light, or the choice to change it. So yeah in honor of Taylor Swift, the places I have been are who I am.
The story of me is about a girl who let the south shape her, I let BYU- Provo shape me, and now I am letting the Islands of Hawaii shape me. The choices I have made shape me. Where I have been, is who I am.
Let it be who you are too =)

- KB

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  1. i love how you ended this. very deep. love it. :)