Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Well, my past previous blogs were about my amazing life in Hawaii, but I think its about time I post about my amazing life in Georgia.

Heres an update for some of you.

1) We are getting married in less than two weeks!!!! I am so excited for my family to all be in town to celebrate this new beginning with us!!

2.) We own a home!!!! Its been SO much work! We have had to make many many decisions on what color for paint, what kind of carpet, find couches, etc, its been so much fun, but also very stressful!

3.) My dream has come true! Christopher put up a tire swing in our back yard! Its not just any tire swing tho, its the best tire swing i have ever swang on haha it goes SOO high and its SOO much fun!


Yall all have to come over and swing on our tire swing!!!! hahah its so much fun!!!!

Never let go of the kid in you!!!


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