Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Muddy Water

The past two weeks have been CRAZY! So for those of you that are current readers of my facebook statuses, you would know that Nationals was last week. The trip was insane. When we first got there, the first day we had ZERO sleep. We had no energy, but some how mustured up enough strength to get a practice in. The next couple days consisted of two a day practices and strategy talk for how we were going to beat Lynn. Well, slowly, but surely, many setbacks came into play. One of our most solid players fractured her foot, before the big match. Another one of our players, did not feel good and was sick to her stomach. But nonetheless, we were preparing for our biggest match all year.
     So here it was. Match Day. We woke up, practiced in the morning and mentally prepared for the match to come. 3 o clock came around, and so did the storms. Our match started getting pushed back. We all knew we wouldnt start playing til dark, and we had not practiced under the lights all year. Another setback.
Most of the time, these stories, with all of the setbacks, and all the belief, and believe me when I say we believed we were going to win, end with triumph. Well, this time it doesnt. We lost.
Immediately the tears came. This was the last time we were going to play with Elwen, Salina, and Shawni. All three are people with great ability, and most importantly great qualitities. It was a sad moment for everyone. The moment still stings us when we think about it and feels like a snake bite that might not fully recover, however, stings, bites, and cuts, will all turn into scars. We will remember it, but it will eventually become numb.

We ended up being able to spend a couple days all together, playing mini golf, and going to universal studios. This was WAY fun. Along with going to theme parks and out to dinner, pranks occured. One o clock in the morning rolls around and I am woken up with Ketchup, Barbecue Sauce, and mayonaise being rubbed all over my face and in my hair. Yeah, I am pretty sure I loved that. Dillon and Shawni- well lets just say they are lucky they live in different states right now. I'll leave out how me and Sophie tried to get Dillon back. haha

Sunday- Sad Day. Being so Close to georgia made it difficult for me to get back on that plane to come to Hawaii. The trip seemed so long. I finally got here to Hawaii and it was weird how much at Home I feel here. The ocean welcomed me with all the warmth that my real home does, minus my family, and the old country dirt roads. I guess it is a different kind of warmth, but still a warmth that I feel.

So Monday was EPIC. We had a HUGE Battle in the MUD! It lasted three hours and was seriously so much fun. We all were seriously swimming in the mud. It was some THICk Mud. It was AWESOME!!! Next blog, I will put this video up that my friend is making of it. He makes YOUtube videos and is awesome at it. Check him out, Devin Graham.

Anyways, The title of this blog is Muddy Water. Obviously due to the fact that I had an AWESOME muddy water battle on Monday. But also because, sometimes we have to go through some muddy water to realize how good the ocean feels. We, as a team, had to go through some Muddy Water this past week as we had our first Loss all year. we finished 27 - 1. Most would think HOLY COW how could you complain about that? But that one loss, hurt pretty bad. Anyways, Muddy water comes and the only thing we can do is have fun in it! Throw the mud on each other and LAUGH!

Hard times come and they go, but the memories in between, well,
they last.

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